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This course covers three major areas of executing a successful event

  1. Event Planning
  2. Event Marketing
  3. Event Management

It provides you with how you can turn your hobby, business and idea into event that generates revenue.

This course is designed for

  1. Enterpreneurs
  2. Small Business Owners
  3. Event Organizers

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Course Curriculum

Instructor Introduction and How the Course Will Help You --- 1 Lecture
01-EPM- Instructor’s Introduction and How the Course Will Help You 00:03:00
What You Need to Create a Successful Event Series --- 1 Lecture
02-EPM- What You Need to Create a Successful Event Series 00:03:00
Event Marketing Strategies --- 9 Lectures
03-EPM- Most Effective Event Marketing Strategies 00:03:00
04-EPM- Creating Eye-Catching Event Headlines 00:06:00
05-EPM- Examples of Compelling Event Description 00:06:00
06-EPM- How To Find Event Websites for Promotions 00:09:00
07-EPM- How to Run Twitter Ads For Your Events 00:09:00
08 – EPM- SEO for Your Event Page 00:04:00
09-EPM- Event Marketing by Making Events into Content 00:03:00
10 -EPM- How to Get Existing Audience From Organizers 00:04:00
11-EPM- Networking with Other Event Organizers 00:04:00
Pre and Post Event Marketing to Generate Leads and Keep Audience Engaged --- 7 Lectures
12-EPM- Event Marketing before the Event 00:02:00
13 – EPM- Getting Peoples Emails and Social Media 00:03:00
13.1 – EPM- Pre-event Marketing Checklist for Email Buildup and Social Media 00:04:00
14-EPM- Event Promotion During Event 00:05:00
15-EPM- Handing Out Itinerary Sheets 00:02:00
16- EPM- Event Marketing After the Event 00:02:00
17-EPM-Blogging and Getting Free Content for Event 00:03:00
Publicity for Event --- 3 Lectures
18-EPM- How to Find and Attract Influencers to Your Event 00:04:00
19-EPM- Resources and Websites for Your Event 00:02:00
20-EPM- How to Find Journalists Who Cover Events in Your Areas 00:04:00
How and Where to Get Images to Use for Your Events --- 3 Lectures
21-EPM- Where to Get Free and Cheap, Quality. Royalty-Free Images 00:04:00
22-EPM- How to Sign Up a Canva Account 00:01:00
23-EPM- How to Create Your Infographic to Make More Attractive Posts 00:04:00
Event Management --- 5 Lectures
24- EPM- Getting Staff for Your Event 00:06:00
25- EPM-Insurance and Liability for Your Event 00:04:00
26-EPM- Getting Your Event Venue 00:05:00
27 – EPM- Event Prizes and Raffles to Raise Buzz – Pre and During Event 00:05:00
28-EPM- Event Management Checklist 00:07:00
Event Monetisation and Ways to Generate Revenue --- 2 Lectures
29-EPM- Ways to Generate Revenue from Your Events 00:07:00
30- EPM- Extra Event Monetization Strategies and Maximizing Revenue 00:07:00
Extra Event Promotions --- 2 Lectures
31-EPM- How to Help Your websites SEO and Link Building with Events 00:04:00
32- EPM-Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales and Branding 00:11:00
Event Planning --- 6 Lectures
33-EPM- What You Can Accomplish with Events 00:02:00
34- EPM- One Time Vs An Event Series 00:05:00
35 – EPM- How Often to Put On Events Series 00:04:00
36-EPM- Should You Have Speakers or Guests or Should It Be Just You? 00:04:00
37-EPM- Planning for Event Quality 00:05:00
38-EPM- Planning Financial Sustainability of the Event Series 00:08:00
How to Promote Your Event with Facebook to Get More Reach --- 3 Lectures
39-EPM- Introduction to Event Marketing on Facebook 00:05:00
40- EPM-Event Listing Promoted on Friends Pages 00:01:00
41- EPM- Example of How to Set Up the Event 00:02:00
Publicity for Events --- 1 Lecture
42- EPM-Publicity For Events 00:07:00

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